"The Pec" (patent pending)

Music is awesome. It stimulates the mind in so many ways. I need music to sleep. That is how I discover music that I truly enjoy from music that is eh, alright.

Recently I discovered a band called The Go! Team. At first, they seem decent. But I gave their album the sleep test. Now they have a deeper meaning to me and my current life experiences.

While recovering from my Pectoral surgery, one day when I was all hopped up on pain killers I put on The Go! Team while taking a nap. The outcome was amazing. I had a glorious hallucination that was a synergistic effect of a. the music b. the drugs and c. my deep down subconscious need to see myself as a Super Hero.

The basis of the hallucination ( or vision) was that post-surgery I discovered that I now have super human powers in my left pectoral. So now all of the sudden I am "The Pec". During the beginning of the album I am still in the discovery phase of my new special powers. Then tracks 3-4 I am going crazy around town with my new powers and having fun while simultaneous working on a royal blue, onsie to strut around in. Finally, the track Junior Kickstart begins along with my magnificent emergence as "The Pec" in all my glory. Leading into a well put together montage of me fighting crime with my new identity. The later tracks go into, as most super hero's go through, my identity crisis. I can't handle the pressures of the 2 identities and keeping my 2 new worlds separated. Then towards the end of the album I lose my powers and go into a deep depression. Only being happy at the bottom of a bottle in a dark, dirty bar ( not to far fetched from reality). Then I realize that life is short and I must live it to the fullest. I discover that you can't ruin your future by trying to relive the past. Then when Everyone's a VIP to Someone comes on, I am frolicking through a field of marigolds with the wind blowing in my hair as I wrestle with a cute little puppy.

God I love drugs.

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joe said...

You sick bastard. Leave that puppy alone!