2 Wong's make it white.

This morning while I was getting ready for work and suiting up in my business casual attire, I noticed a horrifying thing. My royal blue button-up shirt was covered in mysteriously large oil stains. Since I just pulled this shirt out of the drycleaners bag, I was furious at the dry cleaners. I immediately ran downstairs to the drycleaners and asked them to explain this stain.

Next thing I know, I am being verbally assaulted like an American soldier in Da Nang. She is screaming at the top of her lungs in half English and half Viatnamese.
I keep hearing, "Oyo Stain" and "Alleady Theya" Holy Ho Chi Minh City!
So I asked her again, "Are you saying this stain was already there when I brought it in?"
Her response "No, No.. this oyo stain".
No shit it's an oil stain, but it wasn't there when I brought it in ?!
"Not my faut...not my faut....can't fix"
I say,"Please try to fix it since you guys put the stain there, I understand everyone can have accidents."
She says nothing and hands me a recipt with a $4.55 charge on it.
Now I am furuois. They want me to pay for their mistake. I crumple up the receipt and throw it on the floor. Then I take the damn shirt, roll it up and throw it at her. I yell, "KEEP IT!" and walk out.

Good thing there are 3 other drycleaners right next to that one. Let's just hope they aren't all friends and black list me.

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