Wait... there is a "NEW" Mexico ?

Alright...alright..alright. It is cinco de mayo. ok, wait... does anybody else think its weird that in Mexico they sell fifths of mayonnaise ?

Going out boozing tonight. Hit up a little place called Chief Ikes Mambo Room... you guys might have heard about it. I am kind of a big deal there. Where else would a 25 year old Indian male go to celebrate the Mexican victory over the French.... at a bar that is named after President Eisenhower as a Native American Chief who owns a room for Latin dances. Not to mention PBR on tap. I would do the normal deal and say, hey guys try to make it out if you can. But guess what, nobody fucking reads this.


Ty-law said...

First commenter ever, I feel honored. I got a bbq tonight so I cant make it to Chief Ikes, but way to throw in the PBR reference to ensure that your hipster/indie cred remains intact.

rockstarjoe said...

You are now bookmarked. This better be good.