Shocks...Pegs....Lucky !

General Motors has branched out into the exciting world of bicycles. The official "Cadillac of Bicycles" is now available at a high-end bike dealer near you. I see a lot of great ad campaigns in the future for Cadillac Bikes. Can you imagine the accessories kids are gonna put on these things. Bikes with spinners, TV's in the handle bars, Fuzzy dice on the front, names emroidered in the seats, and chromed out grillz. I can't wait. Way to get them started early.... kids we know you can't drive our 'Sclades or 'Villes... so ask your parents to throw $2-3k into our badass, baller bikes. Number one in the hood G ( in the 'burbs also ). I just preordered mine, accessories soon to be listed. I can't decide on the font for the embrodery !

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Donkey Mcdonkerton said...

Fuckini Sweet!